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CareConnections Solutions for Therapy Providers

Therapy Clinics – Seamless Integration

Setting up CareConnections is quick and efficient, allowing you to integrate it with your daily workflow. This includes completing a brief online registration of a patient’s demographics, insurance information, and clinical baseline status. CareConnections will then provide you with utilization advice and treatment guidelines.

CareConnections offers the following key features specifically for Therapy Providers:

  • Ongoing assessment history to track functional progress of patient throughout episode of care
  • Printable or electronic documentation for use with claim submissions
  • Registration Summary that guides care and provides valuable comparison information for determining expected functional improvement and number of visits
  • Quarterly clinical outcome reports 
  • Quarterly patient satisfaction reports

Physicians’ Offices – Improved Efficiency for Referrals

CareConnections simplifies referral coordination and eliminates the need for ongoing management of requests for therapy care. See the complete view of benefits of CareConnections when used with physicians’ offices:

  • Reduces unnecessary paperwork, phone calls, and delays by setting appropriate frequency and duration of care from the start
  • Provides insight for therapists to reach desired outcome with valid tools for measuring patient progress
  • Facilitates consistent reassessment of patient function and pain to determine the effectiveness and ongoing need for services

CareConnections adds not only the necessary reporting but also offers tools for practice efficiency, growth, and patient satisfaction. Additional questions? Ready to order? Contact CareConnections today!