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Prior Authorization & Advice at Your Fingertips

The Prior Advice/Authorization System eliminates timely authorization calls, emails, or paper trails. Instead, send treatment authorization instantly and provide specific advice to the therapy provider with CareConnections’ Prior Advice/Authorization System (PAS).

CareConnections is a web-based software suite that provides the ability to review or authorize therapy service with an internet connection and web-browser 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Close the administrative and communication gaps among all parties, including the patient, therapy provider, employer, and payer. CareConnections Prior Advice/Authorization System helps to set expectations, keep all stake holders informed, and deliver the right care at the right time within acceptable parameters of quality and coverage. 

Additional features of the Prior Advice/Authorization System include: web-based authorization services, customizable algorithms, best-practice treatment guidelines, and top-notch security. See below for additional information on each item.

Web-based, Real-Time Authorization of Services

Instantaneous connectivity to therapy providers, patients, and payers removes excessive lag-time for approvals. CareConnections’ web-based suite helps to reduce paper waste, saving your supplies and supporting your “Go Green” initiatives.

Customizable Algorithms for Treatment Expectations

The Prior Advice/Authorization System can inform therapy providers of your company’s approved guidelines for therapy care and reduce disputes on less effective treatments. CareConnections’ Prior Advice/Authorization System can aid with therapy provider and insurer efficiency as well as assist in elevating your therapy standards.

Quantified, Best-Practice Treatment Guideline Recommendations

The Clinical Practice Guidelines are best-practice guidelines based on over 20 years of therapy care from actively practicing physical therapy clinicians. As technology and greater participation in therapy progresses, CareConnections will continue to update the guidelines for the most current and effective therapy care.

Authenticated and Encrypted Security

CareConnections takes security seriously. Our systems only use the latest authentication and encryption security processes to ensure your information is safe and in the right hands.

Bridge costly gaps with the Prior Advice/Authorization System and set utilization controls to keep the rising cost of healthcare in check. CareConnections knows time is money, so start saving time today by linking your rehabilitation connections together with the Prior Advice/Authorization System now. 

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