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Measuring Functional Outcomes in Rehabilitation

Improving your therapy practice profitability, patient satisfaction, and insurance coverage requires an examination of the quality of your services and the customer’s experience. CareConnections’ Clinical Outcomes System measures both of these while enabling instantaneous advice and therapy care authorizations from insurers using the CareConnections Prior Advice/Authorization System (PAS). The Clinical Outcomes System has two main components used to automate the care management process: Patient Outcomes Data and Clinical Practice Guidelines.

Patient Outcomes Data

CareConnections’ Clinical Outcomes System measures the efficacy of care through patient outcome data that establishes a benchmark of functional improvement, decrease in pain, and return to work per patient and per therapy clinic. Essentially, this offers an ongoing evaluation of your quality of service and the customer’s perception of their rehabilitation.

The Clinical Outcomes System also collects outcomes data from providers across the United States, allowing the system to facilitate a nationwide benchmark for physical therapy treatments with corresponding elements, including decrease in pain, functional improvement, and return to work.

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Clinical Practice Guidelines

So you have the data, now what can you do to increase the efficiency of the therapy provider? That is where the Clinical Practice Guidelines step in. These guidelines have over 20 years of evidence-based therapy treatment recommendations. Let CareConnections take the guess work out of successful treatments for physical therapy care.

Comprehensive Reporting

The Clinical Outcomes System offers the tools and reports to assess value with metrics helpful to pinpointing areas of concern. CareConnections can:

  • Provide reports by clinician, practice, or provider panel
  • Assess care by anatomical group, diagnosis, or patient acuity level
  • Report results by payer or even type of insurance (Health Plan, Work Comp, PIP/MVA/PNC, Medicare, Medicaid)

CareConnections makes it possible for providers, medical directors, network developers, or any strategic decision-maker to assess and make educated decisions.

The CareConnections Clinical Outcomes System also features the following:

  • Diagnostic-specific functional information
  • Outcome data appropriate for outpatient rehabilitation setting
  • Four data points: utilization, functional index, pain, and lost work days
  • User-friendly interface for patients and therapists
  • Quarterly reports to compare your clinic to a national database
  • Individual therapist reports
  • Online access for data collection and viewing reports
  • Adaptable for single clinic or network data groups

What’s included in the CareConnections Platform?

The CareConnections Platform comes standard with Clinical Outcomes System, Patient Satisfaction, and the Clinical Practice Guidelines. CareConnections can customize the platform to meet your specific needs, so contact us for more information.

CareConnections has no setup fees or location fees. See our pricing and available discounts below. 

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