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  • CareConnections Partners with AM-PAC

    Posted on February 16th, 2016

    CareConnections + CAT AM-PAC = Electronic Positive Population Health & Service Research

    CareConnections, a division of Therapeutic Associates Inc., and the CAT (Computerized Adaptive Tests) version of AM-PAC are breaking ground to launch and build a new utilization tool by summer 2016. This tool will streamline collection of patient functional status and promote efficiency for electronic use. 

    AM-PAC is an activity limitations instrument developed by researchers at Boston University’s Health and Disability Research Institute. The AM-PAC tool measures functional outcome using Item Response Theory (IRT) methodology to overcome the limitations of traditional functional outcome measures (Jette and Haley, 2005). Through a collaboration and partnership between CareConnections and AM-PAC, the CareConnections platform will have the opportunity to create a centralized compendium of tools for better tracking of functional improvement.  

    The traditional collection of functional outcomes are historically evaluated by disease, condition, or anatomical region. The AM-PAC measure was specifically designed for use across patient diagnoses, individual conditions, and settings where post-acute care is being provided. Due to the widespread nature and abilities of AM-PAC, this precise point-of-care assessment for patient-related outcomes has been utilized with increased frequency in various healthcare settings today.

    The science of AM-PAC coupled with the platform of CareConnections allows for delivery and analysis of outcomes reporting for a myriad of benefits in Health Services Research (HSR).

    CareConnections provides therapy care providers with an array of rehabilitation medical resources essential for streamlining physical therapy practice referrals and authorizations, which aides in improving quality of care and promoting fair compensation for patient care. This collaboration between CareConnections and AM-PAC specifically increases centralized warehousing of data and allows for comparisons with a national database.

    For more information about this exciting new partnership, please click here.

    About CareConnections: The CareConnections suite of integrated, cloud-based rehabilitation management tools gathers data and administers cost-effective, valuable patient care through independent providers. This product streamlines all therapy practice referrals and authorization processes. Hosting clinical practice guidelines and over 20 years of evidence-based data, these tools are available to promote success in any practice using smarter, faster, and more reliable resources.