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CareConnections Solutions for Employers

Empowering Employers with Therapy Provider Insights

CareConnections offers employers the power to evaluate coverage designs and provider performance panels, and enables them to initiate partnerships with therapy providers. Creating partnerships on an employer/therapy provider level offers bonds beyond therapy care for a positive experience for both parties.

Proactive Injury Prevention

Your best defense against expensive medical costs is proactively assessing risk of your current positions. Therapeutic Associates, parent company of CareConnections, has a program that helps assess risk of employee positions and job tasks - the Therapeutic Associates’ Online Enterprise Safety Program. This system offers insight on proactive information and controls on each position and job task.

Post-Injury Rehabilitation

Post-Injury components of CareConnections include active Return to Work therapies coordinated by professional therapy providers that help to reduce recovery time of employees.  Collaboration of all parties through a real-time, web-based system makes communication instantaneous. Evidence-based recommendations for therapy allow the employee to return to work faster and reduces medical costs.

CareConnections also offers the Prior Advice/Authorization System (PAS), which gives a workers’ compensation carrier or self-insured company a means of using web-based patient tracking and prospective utilization, coupled with clinical outcome monitoring and patient satisfaction assessments, to target quality and cost efficiency in therapy care. This is often a major component of job injury medical costs.

Customized Post-Injury Management Solutions

Each CareConnections program component can be customized or selected to meet the needs of the employee or the workplace. The CareConnections program can involve anyone interested in helping the worker recover, including but not limited to the employer, physician, and caregivers. Everyone who plays an integral role in the well-being of the injured worker, including insurers, case managers, employers, risk managers, and rehabilitation counselors benefit from CareConnections. 

Let CareConnections strip the complexity out of injury management. Order CareConnections now!

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