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Guidelines for Success - Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Guidelines

Elevate rehabilitation care standards with CareConnections Clinical Practice Guidelines: Examination & Intervention for Rehabilitation – 4th Edition. A collaborative compilation of ideal therapy steps for the most common patient conditions from active therapists, this book features 121 diagnostic-related treatment patterns backed by over 25 years of evidence-based physical therapy data.

The CareConnections Clinical Practice Guidelines offer rehabilitation specialists guidance for establishing functional and clinical goals, patient management, and much more. Claims payers can also gain assurance through measurable, medically-appropriate care.

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Compiled by actively practicing therapists, these guidelines will continue to be updated with new technologies and successful physical rehabilitation processes. See additional features of CareConnections’ Clinical Practice Guidelines below:

  • 121 clinical guidelines covering orthopedics, neurological, and medical diagnoses
  • Written, edited, and updated by practicing clinicians
  • Total patient management from initial examination to discharge criteria
  • Functional and clinical goals for each phase of treatment
  • Indexed by diagnosis and ICD-10 codes
  • Bibliography with each guide for additional reference

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Increase Quality of Care with Optimal Outcomes

Is your ultimate goal to provide exceptional patient care and achieve functional and clinical goals efficiently, with the best outcomes possible for the patient? CareConnections can help you achieve your goal by providing guidelines for appropriate utilization of services and comparative outcomes by the provider and insurer.

Organized by anatomical region and cross-referenced by ICD-10 code, the CareConnections Clinical Practice Guidelines allow for quick reference to appropriate, specific therapy information. The coding of interventions aid therapists with billing and claims adjudication. CareConnections also offers a Therapy Referral Handbook, which provides considerations for referral of 102 common diagnoses. View the Therapy Referral Handbook page for additional information.

Incorporated with CareConnections Online

CareConnections’ Clinical Practice Guidelines: Examination and Intervention for Rehabilitation – 4th Edition is integrated into the CareConnections Prior Advice/Authorization System (PAS) for providers. Specific guidelines can be selected by the insurer or self-insured company as a reference of accepted measurable treatment patterns.

Can your practice benefit from guidance or concerns about the following items?

  • Examinations
  • Tests
  • Measures
  • Interventions
  • Outcomes
  • Criteria for discharge
  • Considerations for additional treatment

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