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CareConnections Solutions for Health Plan Payers

Reinforce Quality Therapy Outcomes

CareConnections aids insurers and self-insured companies to maximize coverage by measuring provider performance, reducing low quality therapy outcomes, and increasing quality of care. 

Reinforce preferred therapy care principles with your therapy providers for better physical therapy outcomes using the following CareConnections controls:

  • Measure therapy success
  • Limit outliers
  • Coordinate utilization
  • Asses patient satisfaction
  • Monitor and increase physical therapy claim value

Integrate Payers with Providers

Health plan payers can connect to therapy providers with CareConnections to coordinate and collaboratively improve quality of patient care through an active interface prior to generation of costs and claims. 

CareConnections allows the following clinical provider monitoring and tracking features:

  • Continuous retrospective view of clinical outcomes
  • Review of documentation issues
  • Utilization behavior by clinic and provider

Integrating CareConnections with therapy providers offers the opportunity to activate the medical necessity, quality assurance, and utilization management provisions of your contracts with providers.

Adding Therapy Providers within the Provider Panel

A tutorial by CareConnections will walk the provider step-by-step through registering data and retrieving clinical care advice and/or billing authorization with one of over 107 guidelines. Statistics will also be generated to create the necessary expectations for patient results.

Increase Overall Value

CareConnections Outcomes Management Suite for Carriers can aid in increasing overall value of physical therapy, from the provider to the claims payers, with CareConnections best practices model. The model offers providers evidence-based clinical practice guidelines that help to lessen poor outcomes and costly physician or hospital charges.

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