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How to read your patient satisfaction reports like a pro

You might think you know what it takes to make a satisfied customer, but do you really know?

I have a crazy running group (a drinking club with a running problem). We all take turns setting a running trail for the rest of the group. Usually my trails are debacles, because despite being a normally confident person, when I have to lead one of these trails, I become a complete stress case. One trail in particular taught me a great lesson about customer satisfaction.

I set a circus of a trail because it was on the 22nd of the month and I made everyone wear a tutu (22=two-two=tutu). I also wanted us to hit two different areas of town. There were public dance lessons in the park and I thought 25 people in tutus would make good dance students. This meant I had to shuttle the crew for part of the trail.

One of our drunk runners has a crazy van that he takes to Burning Man every year. It’s not the most reliable vehicle, but it can hold a boatload of runners, and the paint job matched the tutus.

We ran half the trail and while I was shuttling folks to the next half, the bus broke down…in the middle of a busy intersection.

So, like clowns from a clown car, out hopped 25 tutu-ed runners and we pushed the van into a nearby parking lot. I was DYING. I had ruined everything. I was sure I now had a crew of dissatisfied customers disappointed in the service I was providing (or failing to provide). 


I had packed spaghetti to make at the end on a camp grill. As we waited for mechanical reinforcements, one of my pack of runners offered to set up the food and cook it at a nearby park. Everyone grabbed something and they hauled it over to the park together.

I stood around the van feeling guilty and being of no help at all. My boyfriend, who was setting the other half of the trail with no cell phone on him finally showed up after running about seven miles. More guilt (he was understanding, I was self-loathing).

Meanwhile, the group was eating spaghetti and having a wonderful argument about their top three movies to take to a desert island (if Princess Bride isn’t on your list, you can’t be my friend).

Finally, the bus was fixed and I drove everyone home and waited to get ROASTED the next day on our Facebook group.

And what do you know, they had a GREAT time! They talked about the trail for weeks. If I had asked my “customers” if they were having a good time, they would have told me yes. If I had dug deeper and asked why, I would have understood that, for this group, the debacle was half the fun! The other half was connecting with the other people in the group.

If I had asked.

So, my dear CareConnections Family, are you asking? Not only about their general satisfaction, but how they feel about your office staff, clinicians, and their progress. Are you using your CareConnections Patient Satisfaction Survey? If not, email us and we’ll get you going. If you are, are you pulling and reading your reports regularly? If not, here’s how:

Step 1: Pull Your Patient Satisfaction Report

  1. Log in to your account. In the left sidebar, look for “Reports” and click the “Patient Satisfaction” link.

Patient Satisfaction Reports Link

  1. Select the most recent quarter from the drop-down menu.

Patient Satisfaction Select Quarter

  1. Click Patient Satisfaction Overview

Patient Satisfaction Overview Link

  1. Select “Clinic Overview” and “Get Report”

Patient Satisfaction Clinic Overview

  1. This will pull up a multipage report with your average score for the most recent quarter (light blue), the rolling year (yellow) and your network (red) and national (dark blue) comparison. Scroll through and see where you’re strong and weak.

    Click the report and check out the full pdf.

Patient Satisfaction Overview Report Sample

Note: If you have a chain of clinics, you can pull this report based on your entire chain or drill down to individual sites.

Step 2: Tips on Reading Your Patient Satisfaction Report

I have seen tons of patient satisfaction reports from a wide variety of clinics. Here are my general recommendations:

  1. Pull this report every quarter and share it with the whole clinic.
  2. Expect “Scheduling” to be lower. I see that trend everywhere! First investigate. Do you need evening and weekend hours? Do you need to hire another therapist to decrease wait times? Your office staff probably knows the answer to this. As a team, set some goals to bring this score up and check the effectiveness next quarter. Note: If office caring/compassion is below 95%, work on that first.
  3. For clinical staff, “Satisfaction with Treatment Progress” will be your lowest. Some interventions to try:
    • Use your Registration Summary to help set patient expectations.
    • Use the Patient Specific Functional Scale to understand what progress means to the patient.
    • ASK YOUR PATIENT! You can ask them anytime – “So, how do you feel about the progress you’re making?”
  4. Net Promotor Score (NPS) measures your word-of-mouth advertising strength. It’s the question about how likely they are to recommend you. Strive for 95% or higher. Note: If you have a high self-discharge rate, your numbers may be artificially inflated because all the irritated people have left without filling out a survey!
  5. If all the above scores look good, pick one of the scores to try and max out to 100%. I recommend a battle between front office and clinicians for the higher caring and compassion score.

Step 3: Contact Us!

Want to feel more comfortable reading reports. Contact us and we’ll look at your clinic or practice together.

A Final Note on Patient Satisfaction

CareConnections does not have a customer satisfaction survey for its customers! Oh no! We have been spending a great deal of time talking directly to our customers and are gaining a lot of information that way. We have some ideas for how to dig deeper and cast a wider net. If you have feedback or suggestions on how we can do a better job of reaching out to YOU, please let us know!