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How to promote your blog post - frequency and format

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Last Update: 3/13/18

Everyone sells. This is why you’ve written a blog and are engaged in content marketing. But as many bloggers have learned, hitting the publish button does you no good if you don’t have a following. So, let’s talk about selling your blog.

I have read in many places that you want somewhere between 5-12 touch points before giving up on a sale. I cannot, however, find the research to support this. So, we’re going to proceed on logic and you will have to test via your own experience (using Google Analytics, not your feelings, right?).

Here are our logical assumptions:

  1. The more times something is put in front of your face, the more likely you are to notice it.
  2. The more closely related to your interests and needs something is, the more likely you are to notice it. For example, almost no man will pay attention to a tampon ad. Does not apply. But if his golf game is off because of elbow pain, he might clue in to a picture of a golfer in pain with the headline “Five tips for a pain-free golf swing.”
  3. If exposed to the same thing all the time, you begin to tune it out. Our brains pay attention to novelty.
  4. If you get the message too many times, you begin to loathe the source.

Let’s apply our logical assumptions to promoting a blog post and turn them into action items.

  1. Do it several times
  2. Tune the message to your target market
  3. Make it a little different every time
  4. Don’t overdo it

How often should I promote my blog post?

Several times is vague. The only genuine answer is to experiment. Since you’re busy running a practice or department, I’m going to suggest six times on Facebook, once on your Google My Business page, and once in your newsletter. Let six months to a year go by and then update the post and start the process over again. Once you have more content, you can extend your timeline to annually or every two years to keep things fresh (novel).

Promoting a blog post several times and cycling through it over time is vital if you’re a small practice or have limited staff time dedicated to your content marketing endeavors.

How do I craft a message to my target market?

Step 1: Find a couple of good graphics from free sources like Pablo and Canva. Make it a person with a face when you can.

Step 2: Identify your keywords – words that your target market uses. Do not ever say “adhesive capsulitis.” Don’t even say “Frozen Shoulder.” Say “Shoulder stiffness and pain.”

Step 3: Write down at least two of the questions or problems your blog post solves for your target market. Write down your best quote from the post.

Step 4: Put it all together. Combine your questions and quote with the pictures. Mix and match and you should have enough material for several posts.

For your Google My Business update, you’ll want a bit more text. If you are too crunched for time, use the first few sentences of your post. If you have more time, flesh out what the reader will get from reading your post.

Now turn all of this into some promotional smart goals. We call this a promotion schedule!

See how your blog promotion schedule fits into a comprehensive content marketing plan

Promotion Schedules for your Physical Therapy Blog: Choose your own sexual orientation

GossipDo not underestimate the power of promotion. A lovely man in my “drinking club with a running problem” tended to set off peoples’ gaydars despite his serious interest in the ladies. Being the horrible friends we are, at no point did we dispel this myth. Oh no. This myth was confirmed, and yes, promoted.

Before long, we were consoling him on the mysterious tragedy of his misperceived orientation. It never had a very harmful impact on his social life. He is beyond attractive and thanks to our promotion, the ego strokes were now coming from twice as many people.

Unlike my dear friend, you are going to take control of your own promotion so the right message goes out.

No one will see that lovely content you’ve been creating unless you tell them where to look. Below is your recipe for each blog post. If you want to be like me and put it in an Excel file, you can use mine here. The following sections will get a bit deeper on the exact how-to if you get lost.

☐ Sunday – publish your blog post

☐ Sunday – use tips from the social media section to build a post in support of your blog. Post it on Facebook.

☐ Sunday – use the tips from the paid social section to build a post to use as an ad. Make sure to use the A/B testing and change one variable to test (e.g. title/headline, CTA button, image). Run the ad.

☐ Sunday (or Monday) – Add to your Google My Business listing as a post with your post picture, title, a short summary of what readers will get out of the article, and link to your blog page

☐ Tuesday – post again on your Facebook page

☐ Thursday – post once more on your Facebook page

☐ Thursday – put notes in your calendar to repost again every two months

☐ Sunday – Review your advertised posts and see which performed better. Double down on that one and spend the rest of your allotted budget on it. Run until your next blog post or until you stop getting a return on it. If you gained any relevant valuable insights, go ahead and edit your blog post to reflect them. Did you find a better headline? More effective CTA? It’s never too early to review and update your post.

☐ Quarterly – Review your best performing blog posts on your website, not Facebook. You care less about how many people saw you on Facebook and way more about how many people visited the website. If any articles generated the most email sign-ups, start there. If you had some other call to action – use that. Otherwise, look at number of visits and time on page. Put the top three in your email newsletter (see details below).

Pro-Tips: Sunday itself is a pro tip. Although there’s usually less traffic, there’s also less competition. It will also give your post a head start getting clicks and likes, which will increase its popularity and your exposure. The other pro tip is that you can usually schedule your post in your blogging program, and I use Buffer for scheduling social posting. Just in case you wanted to have a weekend or something.

Want to read some of the experiments on this? Have Twitter or other social accounts? Find a posting schedule here.

See how your blog promotion schedule fits into a comprehensive content marketing plan