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Help patients set goals

One of the best tools to help rehab professionals engage their patients in shared decision-making is the valid, reliable, and responsive Patient Specific Functional Scale (PSFS). 

In short, this assessment asks patients to set a goal in their own words and rate their ability to meet this goal on a scale of 0 to 10. When administered regularly throughout the plan of care, you can track patient progress toward the goals they care about. You can frame their progress in terms that have meaning to them. You can queue the PSFS alongside your CareConnections Functional Assessment.

What happens when a patient doesn’t know how to set a good goal? Here are some of my favorites that I’ve seen in clinics lately:

  • Surgery
  • Feel better
  • Run

First off, these patients were not prompted with the value of this assessment and were most likely just trying to get through the next bit of paperwork. Revisit your front office scripting first. Then to plan B.

Most of us are familiar with SMART goals. So, how do we get patients to set SMART goals without requiring our front office staff to take ten minutes out of their day, ten times a day? We use the CareConnections Cheat Sheet.

PSFS Cheat SheetDownload the cheat sheet and post it in your office near where you have patients fill out the PSFS on your tablet. Front office staff should be prompted to make a note of the resource to patients when talking to them about their assessments. 

If you’re not using electronic assessment collection yet, contact Heather immediately at heather@careconnections.com and I will help you save staff time and headaches!

Happy data collecting!