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How To: Target Markets Make for Effective Marketing

Posted On: January 17, 2018 by CareConnections in: Rehab Marketing, The Basics

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Last Update: 1/17/2018 Target Market Part 1: What is Target Market Segmentation?  Have you ever had a patient or client you wanted to fire? Or have you ever said, “Gosh, I wish all my patients were like that!” Well you’ve just segmented your market. Market segmentation is dividing your customer or patient base up by a certain set of characteristics. It could be age, condition, body area, type of insurance, how many gray hairs they’ve given you, etc. Your target market is the target customer base you want to attract. So target market segmentation is identifying your preferred customers and profiling them to determine their characteristics. Then you can craft marketing messages to speak directly to them. Let’s look at some examples. See how target market segmentation fits into a comprehensive content marketing plan. Example 1: John Doe Physical Therapy John is thinking about spending a few dollars on some