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13 AMAZING reasons digital marketing is not your priority

Posted On: December 17, 2018 by CareConnections in: General, Patient-Centered Care

Recently, in one of my mastermind groups, I posed the following question - “Digital marketing has its place, but what if you created an experience so amazing, no digital marketing was necessary at all?” I immediately had to turn around and apply it to CareConnections. I now have several projects underway or waiting in line (only so many hours in the day) in response to this question. At CareConnections, we’re looking at the onboarding and training experiences to start. Other answers include integrations, user interface, automatic report generation with suggested interpretation, and getting practitioners direct access to relevant risk-adjusted data through an app on their phone. Without winning the lottery or raising subscription rates 10,000%, this will not all happen at once. I do believe, however, that it has helped me prioritize 2019 a little differently. I have picked two areas of focus and will be investing a bit more in our digital presence and