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Fulfilling a Need for Clinical Outcomes Management and Communication

CareConnections’ parent company, Therapeutic Associates Inc., is owned and operated by practicing physical therapists. Developed to simplify and streamline the outcomes collection process, CareConnections is a web-based rehabilitation management suite that provides Clinical Practice Guidelines to therapists and streamlines communication among physicians, therapy providers, and insurers while monitoring and increasing quality of care provided to patients.

The CareConnections web-based rehabilitation management suite offers solutions for physical therapy providers, insurance and health plan carriers, employers, and patients. 

Therapy Provider Monitoring and Practice Resource

CareConnections for therapy care providers combines an array of rehabilitation medical resources essential for streamlining your practice’s referral and authorization process, aiding with improving quality of care while reducing poor outcomes, and promoting fair compensation for patient care. 

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Monitoring, Instant Authorization, and Guidelines for Claims Payers

Would you like to reduce bottlenecks associated with physical therapy authorization, case management, and continuous case monitoring? CareConnections can help all stake holders with a real-time, web-based rehabilitation therapy management suite - CareConnections’ Prior Authorization/Advice System (PAS) - for instantaneous therapy request approvals and best practice guideline recommendations. A robust set of controls allows you to customize algorithms and intervention settings for quick and efficient utilization management.

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Employers – Navigate Job Risk and Reduce Employee Recovery Time

Wishing you could reduce severity of injuries in your business and monitor or influence employees’ return to work therapy? CareConnections can help through risk assessment systems designed to identify high-risk job positions and tasks with insight information and controls that can help lower risk. CareConnections can assist with the process of setting up partnerships with providers and define preferred practice guidelines for returning to work. 

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